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My name is Kathy Le.  I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with Supervisor Status (LCSW-S) through the TXBHEC.  I graduated from Texas Tech University with a double major in Social Work and Sociology.  Upon completion of my Bachelor’s degree, I continued to Texas State University, where I obtained my Master’s in Social Work.  My experiences as a medical social worker and mental health clinician, in inpatient and outpatient settings, granted me the privilege of working with diverse population addressing a vast array of issues.  I developed insight into people’s resiliency, capabilities, and abilities.


I grew up in a traditional Asian household where feelings had their place…buried in that dark corner of your soul.  But it never sat right for me. I always wanted to motivate, empower, and ease the suffering of those around me. I grew up with lots of opportunities to offer help and was the person people went to when they were needing support. In college, I discovered that I could live my passion in a career as a clinical social worker.   Through the years, I learned, firsthand, the importance of boundaries and self-care.  Therefore, despite obstacles, I believe that all people have the strength and ability to make empowered decisions.  My goal is to guide you in the journey of understanding and overcoming the deeply nested issues or just the challenges of everyday life.  I use client-centered approaches, evidence-based therapeutic practices to alter nonproductive thoughts, change the narrative, reach your personal and/or professional goals, and improve overall well-being.  Our hard work toward your personal growth will be done in a comfortable, confidential, non-judgmental, empathetic, and respectful environment.  I am passionate about helping you on your healing journey.

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