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Clinical Social Work Supervision

Have you been thinking about starting your clinical hours? But the concerns about timing, work schedule, home obligations, and finance keep running through your mind. I can help address those concerns. I provide a free consultation to discuss your goals and explore what to expect in clinical supervision.   


                                 Who I am?

​I am approved by the Texas State Board of Social Worker Examiners to provide clinical supervision for social worker. I worked in different social work positions throughout my professional career. Each position has provided me the opportunity to gain experience professionally. I knew early in my academic journey that I wanted to be a clinical social worker. After graduation, I delayed my clinical supervision due to various concerns. I understand how hectic life can be. I wish someone would have told me it was not as complicated as I thought it was going to be. It is not. There are requirements to fulfill but it is not a "second job."

                                Why do I supervise?

​I am passionate about the field of social work. I realized through the years how important it was, for professional  and personal growth, to obtain my clinical license. I continue to learn and grow on a routine base to better serve my clients and the community. I spent years in positions that allowed me to train/supervise others. I feel providing supervision, to social workers wanting to advance their knowledge and skills into clinical practices, bring awareness to our field and positively impact social welfare and social systems. 


What is required to obtain a license as a clinical social worker?

 1. Master's degree in Social Work from a CSWE-accredited social work program or a Doctoral degree in social work from approved accredited insitituoion of higher learning

2. Complete 3000 hours of supervised professional clinical experience over a period of 24 to 48 months. Supervised professional experience must comply with §781.404 of this title (relating to Recognition as a Council-approved Supervisor and the Supervision Process) and all other applicable laws and rules. Clinical hours from place of employment are counted as full time if worked about 30 hours a week for 24 months or part time if worked about 15 hours a week for 48 months.  Any months where above standards are not met means those worked clinical hours will not count toward the 3000 hours of clinical experiences. 

3. Complete a minimum of 100 hours of supervision, over the course of the 3000 hours of experience, with a Council-approved supervisor

4.  Supervised experience must have occurred within the five calendar years immediately preceding the date of LCSW application

5. passed the Clinical examination administered nationally by ASWB

                                                                    What to expect in supervision?

My goal for supervision is to develop your clinical knowledge, skills, and confident. We will evaluate your job to determine if it meets the criteria for clinical hours. You will need to discuss with your employer about supervision outside of your place of employment. We will need to sign a confidentially agreement to comply with HIPAA. The state board require at least 4 hours and at least 2 supervisory sessions in a month. The maximum hours of supervision a month is 10 hours. We will determine together how your supervisory sessions need to be schedule to allow you the best benefits of supervision while fulfilling your other roles. You will maintain a record of your supervision which will be review routinely together. I provide supervision in person at my office or virtually via teleconference. The latter part of supervision will focus on preparing you for your clinical exam.

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